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Ariel Investments is the world’s largest African-American-owned Mutual Fund. Founded by John Rogers, who is recognized as one of the best money managers of the modern era, Ariel is committed to spreading financial literacy, especially to underserved audiences.

Ariel sought to further that mission using social media, and hired Most Likely To to help. Our strategy was to build community with new and underserved investors by creating content that inspires, entertains, and educates around financial literacy. We developed a fresh new design system and launched John Rogers, Mellody Hobson and Ariel Investments on Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. 12 months later we’d built robust, engaged communities across all platforms, and we’re proud to say, helped a wide array of uninitiated investors become educated and confident about their money. 


New channels launched and managed


Followers across all accounts to date


Strategy tying it all together

New fonts and colors injected needed energy.

We developed ownable graphic treatments derived from the turtle.

A dynamic, recognizable look.

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