Start by questioning everything.

In 2013 a longstanding insurance industry client asked us one of our favorite questions ever, “I’m starting a new company, focused on $20 million+ engagements. Will you help?”

This client, Pat Renzi, is bringing revolutionary change to one of the most inertia-bound industries in the world: insurance. Perhaps not a coincidence that she’s among the few women CEOs in this male-dominated industry.

Over the next two years, we developed the brand strategy, named the company INTEGRATE (and navigated the legal gauntlet required to own a trademark worldwide), developed the logo and identity system, created a website and content strategy, launched a LinkedIn channel and blog, and began developing content, including several original videos.

To reach Integrate’s elusive target of ready-for-change c-suite decision makers, we developed a unified media, PR and advertising campaign. Building on that momentum, in 2016 we convened our first major event for Integrate, Verge 20/16, held in Midtown Manhattan. Chaired by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, and host to 15 of the most influential, admired thinkers in insurance, Verge epitomizes the best in contemporary B2B marketing. One and a half days of provocative, honest conversation about the future of insurance. By the end, the formerly little-known Integrate was top of mind for these executives.

Verge 20/17, chaired by Walter Isaacson, was convened in November, 2017. Every invitee from 2016 returned, plus a few new guests. Verge 20/18 will be chaired by Beth Comstock, named by Forbes as one of “The World’s 100 Most Powerful Women” in both 2015 and 2016.

Of greatest pride, though, is our 7-year-and-counting, honest, ambitious relationship with the brilliant Pat Renzi and her team.


Growth of Integrate revenue since we launched the brand


Percent of C-suite insurance executives who returned for year 2 of our annual conference in NY.

A Lot

Joy we take in piquing the insurance old guard.

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