Meet the billion-dollar consulting firm the world actually needs.

In our polarized world, business decision makers need an objective, expert voice.

Milliman is that voice.

Over a decade-long relationship, it has been our mission to make that voice heard above the din of vested interests and outsized egos that crowd the consulting landscape.

By first gaining a deep understanding Milliman’s highly rigorous work and demanding target audience, we emerged with a campaign of print, video, display, websites, social media and content partnerships, all orchestrated under a single brand strategy, that put this remarkable firm on the map. In fact, in 2015 our digital campaign had the second-highest engagement level of any campaign hosted by our ad server–in any category. Further, over the duration of our relationship, Milliman revenue has doubled, and now surpasses one billion dollars.

But we take greatest pride in the effect our work has had on the company culture, as the firm’s heads-down, modest consultants have begun to adopt the assertive, confident tone of the campaign. Not surprisingly, this has led to a similar change in how clients and prospects view Milliman.

This is the virtuous cycle that defines contemporary marketing.


increase in click-through rate in one year


completed video ad views

At less than 4 cents per view


Percent of Milliman culture that reflects the new brand positioning

Culture throughout this brilliant but modest company has adopted the new more assertive tone of the campaign. This is branding at its best—and most effective.

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