Driving enrollment for an unknown health brand. Uphill sprint anyone?

Rally is the Tesla of Healthcare. They’re using consumer-focused technology to reinvent a category that is stuck in status quo.

Imagine if your healthcare program not only made it easy to find the best coverage and care, but actually inspired you to live a healthier life, while connecting you with a supportive community of like-minded people. That’s Rally.

Yet Rally is also a (big) start-up. Which means they’re building the plane while flying it, and need an agency that is equally nimble, adaptive, and willing to explore less traditional marketing approaches.

Over our three-year relationship, we’ve progressed from defining the company’s brand strategy and value proposition, to creating a media strategy, to producing and managing their first large-scale digital ad campaign. Our most recent digital campaign scored from 19 to 43% above category benchmarks—and this for a brand with almost no awareness. Yet.


Facebook Clicks

For a brand with no awareness in a crowded health category, we generated twenty thousand FB clicks without breaking a sweat.


Conversion Clicks

We optimized our landing page to build interest and push users to Rally’s registration process. A whopping 8.32% of them did just that. And 13.2% of them entered their email. All this with a mere $1.00 CPC (vs. a $1.32 industry average).

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